Thursday, October 21, 2010

Men's Store

faux fur coat 70s with tags
Coat: Thrifted for $1.50!
Men's Sweater: Thrifted
Shades: Thrifted
Pants: Target
Shoes: Target

I found this amazing fake fur coat at the thrift shop today. Its from the 70's and still has all the tags! Old stock, I guess. It only cost me $1.50.
Thrifting didn't disappoint today. I also found a 25in (I think)Wenger suitcase for only $5. It will be perfect for my trip to Germany next month.


mens store


mini meezer & gold spoon

i'll be watching you


  1. WOW! that coat is amazing! What a find!
    I'm wayy to addicted to thrifting, so much that I love reading posts about thrifting too :D
    Now if only I could find a coat that lovely for cheap!

    Ayesha x

  2. You always find the most amazing things!! I can't believe that coat only cost you $1.50 Loving it with the orange jumper. the colour is stunning with your blonde hair :)
    Thank you for your kind comment xo

  3. Oh my god, only $1.50 for that coat!? That's crazy!! You always have such good luck thrifting!

  4. i love men's clothing.. it's so comfortable :D

    xoxo, bia.