Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I think

I want my dark hair back.

I miss this..


  1. that hair is really cool...

  2. That hair is definitely cool...but I love the blonde on you! Think Marilyn! ;)

  3. You look good in any colour!

  4. AW I know how you feel. It's crazy I have done the same thing as you, twice, and the change you have to make in your wardrobe is just insane! I never thought changing the colour of my hair, before I did it, would make my favourite pieces of clothing look weird on me!

    My blonde needed too much upkeep so i'm back t dark and plan to stay that way for a very long time. My hair is fried from all the bleaching but i'm back to my safe colour that I think looks best on me! Somedays I dream of having blonde again, but I had to choose to save my hair!

    I say take a few more weeks to get used to it! (it always took me awhile) then dye it back if you arn't happy still :D

    Ayesha x

  5. i love your blog and your photos are also great!
    do you want to follow me? i would follow you, too.
    lisa xx