Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its been forever

I'm posting this because I just kind of stumbled across my own blog again and I saw some really lovely comments about how I should start blogging again.
Sorry I was gone for so long. I cant really talk about the reasons, as they are rather personal.
So much has changed since I left. I don't even know where to start. The best and biggest change is definitely being back in Brooklyn! I missed New York so much and its just the place for me.
Besides that, I dyed my hair black again (YAY) and I'm still thrifting away as usual. I'm finding all the little thrift stores and yard sales this time too. So my move has been very successful. I live in a wonderful room/studio in an old Italian Victorian house. Its the most amazing house I've ever lived in. I just bought a new macbook, one of my reasons for being able to blog again! My old one died (RIP) and I did everything on my ipod touch for months! Including banking, booking flights, finding my studio on CL, etc. I can also finally use my camera again and upload photos to a real computer! Woo! I'm gonna try to post more often again, I'm excited!

Most random way of returning to your blog = Posting a picture of yourself eating (vegetarian) sushi.


  1. Welcome back! Hope everything's fine with you, I'm so excited to see you're back!

  2. oh wie schön :) ich hatte mich schon gefragt, wieso du nicht mehr blogst...

  3. Ich hatte immer mal bei flickr geguckt, was du machst, aber schön, wenn du jetzt wieder schreibst (:

  4. Thank you!!

    Danke! Ich kann auch naechste Woche endlich wieder richtige Fotos machen, bis dahin muss der ipod und die webcam noch herhalten.

  5. welcome back! Looking forward to following your adventures :)

  6. Oh gosh I'm craving sushi now!!! Great blog!! :)

  7. Thanks everybody!! I should get my card reader this week for sure :)